You want your home to look beautiful but you simply don’t have enough time to spend looking after real indoor plants and flowers.

If that sounds like something you usually say or think, you might consider investing in artificial plants.

Can artificial plants look real? Artificial plants have come a long way! You can find ones that look almost exactly like their real counterparts.

With that in mind, let’s explore artificial house plants as beautiful decor for your home. We’ll start by looking at why you might consider using fake plants in your home.

Reasons To Choose Artificial Houseplants

Fejka Artificial Potted Plant Ivy

Let’s be honest for a second: artificial plants and flowers usually get a bad rap.

People see them as fake and uninspiring. Fake roses don’t smell like roses, fake olive trees don’t bear fruit, and artificial house plants will never grow.

They feel plastic (and sometimes they’re made of plastic).

Based on the above, why do people choose artificial house plants? Earlier, we touched on how you might consider buying artificial plants because you don’t have time to look after real plants.

There are other reasons why artificial plants can be a good idea.

  • You might consider fake plants if you don’t have green fingers and are sick and tired of all your real plants or flowers dying on your watch.
  • You might consider fake plants if you’re not home that often to look after them.
  • You might want to install artificial plants in your home if you’ve found ones that look like works of art or could bring an artistic flair to your home, such as in the case of an artificial green wall.
  • You might consider using artificial plants if you don’t like the mess involved with having real plants, such as if your dog kicks the plants’ soil out and it makes a mess on the floor.
  • You might want to make use of artificial house plants because their real counterparts are difficult to grow or exotic.

It’s clear to see that there are various issues that artificial flowers and houseplants can solve! With that in mind, let’s consider some of their pros and cons.

Artificial House Plant Pros

5 Piece Faux Potted Plant

  • If you live in a home that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, using artificial plants to give your interiors some colour and greenery can make it look much more beautiful.
  • Artificial house plants are really easy to maintain. In fact, other than dusting them regularly they don’t require any maintenance.
  • You can make them seem like real plants in how you place them. For example, by putting them in beautiful pots or in hanging baskets where people can’t study them from up close to determine if they’re real or not.
  • If you have pets, artificial plants won’t be a potential danger to them, bearing in mind that some house plants are toxic to dogs and cats.
  • Artificial plants are a fantastic option for you if you’re allergic to plants or flowers.
  • They won’t attract insects, so you can happily place them in your bathroom or bedroom without worrying about flies.
  • You can put artificial flowers and plants anywhere you like, without having to worry about their light and heat requirements.
  • Artificial plants will save water, especially if you’re using them instead of real plants that need lots of hydration.

Artificial House Plant Cons 

  • They’re not eco-friendly. Artificial plants that are made out of fabric will usually be made with dyes, which can be toxic to the environment.
  • Another thing that makes them unhealthy for the environment is that artificial plants are usually made out of plastic. When you don’t want them anymore you have to try to dispose of them responsibly, which is trickier than if you want to get rid of a dying houseplant – a real plant just goes back to the earth without leaving behind a trail.
  • They don’t offer health benefits. There are real plants that you can put in your home or apartment and they’ll clean the air of toxins. Artificial plants won’t be able to do that.
  • Some artificial plants can look very fake. It takes a bit of time and effort to find the most realistic looking artificial plants.

How To Make Artificial House Plants Look Realistic

Artificial Plants Bonsai Plastic Simulation

You can offset many of the drawbacks associated with artificial houseplants by ensuring you purchase ones that look as realistic as possible.

This could mean spending a bit more money for better quality, but you’ll probably still save money in future because you won’t have to purchase anything else to look after the plant.

Spending money aside, there are other ways in which you can make artificial plants look realistic.

Here are some to consider.

  • Don’t leave the plants in their original containers. You should replace the containers with beautiful pots so that the plants look better. If you have cacti, place them in glass terrariums and add other items to them, like rocks or pretty pebbles.
  • Add moss and soil to pots. A layer of moss and soil will trick people into thinking that the plant is real.
  • Choose fake plants that mimic their real counterparts. While you might love the idea of bright and bold flowers, ask yourself if these colours exist in nature. Your artificial plants won’t look realistic if they’re displaying fake colours.
  • Trim and shape their leaves. A common reason why many artificial house plants look fake is because of how they’re perfectly shaped. Take some scissors and trim the leaves to make it look like the plant is in a stage of growth. If some stems droop, that’s even more realistic!
  • Place them in sunny spots. With the sun dripping over the plants, they will probably look more realistic. But be careful – fabric artificial house plants won’t be able to tolerate the harsh sun’s rays and will fade quickly, which will make them look fake. Stick to plastic plants that generally look realistic and won’t fade.
  • Keep them clean! Earlier, we mentioned that artificial house plants can collect dust. This can easily make your plants look fake and unattractive. A simple way to keep your artificial plants looking good is to add dish soap to water and then dip a cloth in the solution to wipe down the plants.
  • Remember that sometimes less is more. A few stems of fake flowers in a vase with a bit of water will look more realistic than if you purchase an artificial flowering plant or bouquet.
  • Consider using opaque containers. When it comes to flowers specifically, sometimes placing them in opaque glass vases or containers can help to mask the fact that they’re not real.

Where To Buy Artificial House Plants And Flowers That Look Real

Artificial Bonsai Tree

It’s good to know where to shop for artificial plants that won’t blow your cover.

Here’s a rundown of some popular places where you can find beautiful and realistic plants and flowers.

  • Next – You’ll be able to find lots of different artificial house plants and flowers to inspire you at Next. From terrariums to aloes and artificial grass, you’ll definitely find whatever you think will make your home look beautiful and give it a burst of greenery.
  • Evergreen Direct – If you’re hung up on making your artificial plants look as real as possible, you’ll love that Evergreen Direct guarantees this. Look through their website and you’ll see that they offer flowering plants, trailing plants, and others. Their hanging baskets are especially worth considering.
  • Etsy – Etsy is a great place to find beautiful and sometimes unusual artificial plants. Choose from a variety of hanging vines, succulents, olive trees, and more.

Related Questions

Can you place fake plants outside?

You can put your fake plants outside, but make sure that they’re UV-resistant. To guarantee this, there are UV-resistant sprays you can use on your artificial plants to keep them in great condition.

Can fake plants get wet?

You can wet your fake plants, but avoid doing this if you have silk plants as the water will damage them.

How can you clean artificial silk flowers without using water?

Put silk flowers in a bag and pour half a cup of salt into it. Shake it around for a minute. This is useful to remove dust from the leaves and flowers so that the artificial plants will look beautiful and fresh.


You might not particularly love artificial house plants, but they definitely have their benefits!

From not requiring any maintenance to allowing you to enjoy exotic plants without the fear of them dying, there are many good reasons why you should add decorative touches to your home in the form of artificial plants and flowers.


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