In this guide we’ll look at the best cookie cutters for the UK market.
We’ve compared shapes, sizes, material and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What is the Best Cookie Cutter?

  • Best cookie cutters
  • Large letters and numbers
  • Handy storage tub
  • Best festive cookie cutters
  • 20-piece set
  • Food safe stainless steel
  • Best cookie cutter set
  • Food grade plastic
  • Smooth and scalloped sides
  • Best cookie cutter shapes
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • 6 dinosaur shapes
  • Best round cookie cutters
  • Smooth and scalloped design
  • Metric and imperial measurements

More Detailed Cookie Cutter Reviews

KitchenCraft Round Pastry Cutter Set

  • Best round cookie cutters
  • Smooth and scalloped design
  • Metric and imperial measurements

KitchenCraft Round Pastry Cutter Set Review

The KitchenCraft Round Pastry Cutter Set is a comprehensive set of cutters for cookies, scones, pies and tarts. This neat set will allow you to create anything round in seven different sizes.

The reversible design lets the baker choose between a smooth or scalloped cut. Choose smooth for a pie base and top with a lovely fluted ring for stylish decoration. The cutters are made from reinforced nylon and are tough and durable.
Clear markings in both inches and millimetres will make fast work of selecting the size in your recipe. All the cutters nest together in a handy plastic case when not in use.

Cookie Cutter Buyer’s Guide

Making biscuits might be something you do regularly or occasionally but even the reluctant baker needs to have a set of cookie cutters as a kitchen staple.

Cookie cutters are also great news for small children as you use them to fashion foods into more interesting meals and they are great for activity sessions with crafting clay.

Unsure what to look for when it comes to the best cookie cutters? Check out this buyer’s guide.


Choice of material is usually either stainless steel or plastic. Make sure plastic cutters are certified food-grade standard. There are also some nylon versions available.

Stainless steel should be quality and have a rounded finish – the designs should not have any sharp edges. A rounded rolled edge can still cut clearly and distinctively even with a complicated design.

Stainless steel is usually non-stick and dishwasher friendly whereas some plastic cutters will have to be washed by hand. Check the manufacturer’s guidance with plastic cutters to see if they are safe to put in the dishwasher.

Pieces in the Set

Cookie cutter sets vary from a few distinctive pieces to sets with between 20 and 40 cutters, some repeating the shape but in different sizes and others just duplicating a fixed number of designs.

Read user reviews carefully as some sets sometimes don’t include every design in the pack. Duplicate pieces can be useful if you are baking in a group or using the cutters for crafting clay with small children.


There are infinite designs available, the most popular are numbers and letters and also festive cookie cutters. There are more specialist cutters available in the shape of animals and buildings or you can just opt for simple round cutters for biscuits, pies and flans.

Cookie Cutters FAQ

How to use a cookie cutter?

It couldn’t be easier, just select the size and shape according to the recipe and press the cutter firmly into the rolled out dough or pastry. Give a quick wiggle to make sure the shape is properly separated from the rest of the dough and lift off.

If you find that the cutter is starting to stick then you can dip the cutter in flour before each cut. Some people find cold dough gives a crisper cut than if it is at room temperature. With a cake like a brownie, you can use the cookie cutter after baking to create different shapes.


There is nothing as fun as making biscuits or cookies and a homemade bake always tastes utterly delicious. Creating designs or spelling out words is the added joy of cookie cutters for a birthday or special occasion.

Our recommendation for the best cookie cutters is the Wilton Alphabet and Number Cookie Cutter Set. A decent size, there isn’t a message or number you cannot replicate with this colourful and durable bakeware.

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