If you’ve ever played Design Home, you’ll know it can be highly addictive.

Design Home is an interior decorating app that provides you with top-quality furniture items that you have to buy to design rooms in exciting challenges.

Do you have to buy them with real money?

You can use real money to purchase furniture and decor, but you can also earn money and rewards via challenges.

If you want to move up through the levels of Design Home without breaking the bank, read on to discover some important tips and hacks.

We’ll also look at what you should know about Design Home cheats.

What Are Design Home Challenges All About?

Challenges Ahead

This interior design app provides various challenges for players, such as challenges to designing a hotel lobby ahead of a special event, a bedroom in a contemporary theme, and many more.

After you have designed a room by putting in the required furniture items, you will be able to gain free virtual furniture as long as you get four stars or more. Players of the game vote on the designs and this are how designs get scored.

You will move from Level 1 to higher levels in the game by getting a certain dollar value for your home designs. So, once you’ve reached a certain amount of money with your designs, you will move up to the next level of the game.

New levels bring with them free furniture and decor items that you can use in future designs.

There are some important things to note about the game, based on what you need in order to play.


If you don’t have cash at hand, you can’t buy furniture. Daily challenges, special events, and just completing designs will bring in some cash, but usually this isn’t enough if you want to be able to design rooms really well.


Diamonds are used to purchase decor items. You get 500 diamonds on a daily bonus, and you can earn more diamonds by winning 5 stars for your design challenges. Even if you have tons of cash, you will need diamonds otherwise your rooms will lack the personality that decor items offer them.


These are a must-have if you want to enter design events. You need 25 keys in order to design in challenges.

While you will get keys daily, you will also be able to earn them when you vote on other players’ designs. It only takes a few minutes of voting on designs to earn 25 keys, so it’s not going to feel like a waste of time.

Smart Hacks To Help You Get Further In The Game

Smart Hacks

You should make use of the following tips to help you succeed as much as possible within the game.

These hacks, tips, and strategies will enable you to have more fun while moving up to new levels faster.

Claim Daily Rewards!

Seriously, those rewards can add up to a lot, so don’t forget to check into the app once a day and click on the profile button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Here you’ll get to collect 20 keys and 500 diamonds every day.

Even if you don’t have time to play the Design Home game, claim the rewards so that you can use them the next time you want to do some challenges.

Do the Daily Challenges

The daily challenges are special for numerous reasons. For starters, you earn $2,500 for entering them and you only have to pay 20 keys to enter (usually challenges require you to pay 25 keys).

But, what makes them really special is that there are no design requirements you have to meet that can result in you having to spend money. For example, you won’t be told that you need to use three brown items in the room you’re designing, or that you have to use three Pottery Barn items.

Of course, you will still need to put in specific furniture items, such as a bed, lampstand, and side tables, but you won’t be limited when it comes to their colour, style, or brand. This makes using the furniture and decor items you already have much easier.

Don’t Waste Your Diamonds on Furniture

While you might think you can use your diamonds to buy furniture, this is not a good idea because you can’t buy decor items like plants and vases with cash – save your diamonds for those!

Don’t Ignore the Special Challenges

Dont Ignore

Very regularly, Design Home will give you a series of events you can enter.

These events pay more cash than regular challenges, so they’re worth doing. Sometimes special events will also give you diamond rewards.

The trick when doing these is to enter them to earn diamonds, but sometimes it’s worth not putting too much effort and money into the rooms if you’re strapped for diamonds and don’t have much in terms of decor items.

Try Borrowing Items

Design Home offers you many ways in which you can move to higher levels of the game. Besides entering daily challenges and special events, you can also borrow items from friends who are on Facebook!

Link up with your friends and borrow items you need from their inventories to save yourself some cash.

Buy Decor Items Smartly

While it’s tempting to spend diamonds on some decor items you need for a specific challenge requirement, try to buy items that will match a variety of styles and themes, otherwise they will sit in your inventory and go to waste, resulting in a waste of diamonds.

Get Paid In Diamonds to Do Various Activities

You can earn some diamonds by watching advertisements, downloading games and getting to specific levels in those games, and in many other ways. Go to the top of the home screen and click on the diamond icon which shows you how many diamonds you have left.

This will take you to the Premium Store. Click on “Free” to see how you can earn diamonds, such as by watching a video. Click on “Earn Diamonds” as that will bring up a list of things you can do to increase how many diamonds you have.

However, the Design Home app will sometimes also send you notifications of what you can do to earn more rewards, so keep an eye out for those.

Start With the Big Challenges

Big Challenge

If you don’t have much cash or diamonds, it’s pointless to waste your furniture items and decor pieces on small challenges.

Bear in mind you only have a limited quantity of these to use before you have to purchase more. So, a good tip to remember is to focus on the challenges that offer the highest rewards.

See What Other Players Are Doing

You’ll get a good idea of the types of designs that are winning lots of votes when you vote for designs. But, you can also view players who have the highest scores in the game, so check out what designs they’ve completed as this will give you some design inspiration.

Buy Cash with Diamonds

There’s a small plus sign next to the amount of diamonds you have that you’ll see during gameplay. This is the button you use when you want to spend real money on the game, such as to buy more furniture to design a room.

By punching in your banking details, this real currency will be taken off your credit card. But, what you might not realise is that you can exchange in-game currencies.

That means that if you’ve collected a large amount of diamonds you can trade them for cash. It’s worth noting that diamonds and cash have a 1:1 ratio.

Avoid Leaving Designs Unfinished

Sometimes it happens that you’re busy designing a room for a challenge only to discover that you don’t have enough cash or diamonds to purchase items that are required for you to complete the design. You might exit the game, thinking you’ll return to it later.

Before you do, go ahead and unclick all the furniture items so that the ones you’ve used can be placed back into your inventory, just in case you end up losing them on challenges you didn’t even manage to enter.

Be Careful Of Accidental Purchases

Be Careful

It can happen that you accidentally purchase an item of furniture while looking through the Design Home store for the perfect chair or table you need.

This might feel like a waste of money or diamonds, but users have spoken about this on social media and stated that you can press “undo” to get your money back.

Put Designing Your Own Rooms on Pause

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to design your own homes, and you’ll earn some rewards for doing so.

Although this is fun to do, you’ll have to use furniture and decor items that you have in your inventory so it’s not worth wasting them if you’re strapped for cash and need them for challenges.

It’s best to leave designing your own home until a time when you have earned more cash and diamonds.

Think About How People Vote

The people who vote for your designs are fellow players. They’re not experts, so if you want to impress them with your designs it’s good to think in the same way that you do when you vote.

Do you spend a lot of time looking at the two designs before picking a winner?

Probably not!

You want to earn keys so you can enter your design challenges, so you might just click on the first design that strikes you! This means, bold colours, striking decor, and even unusual eye-catching furniture will make you choose one designer over the other.

Bear this in mind when entering challenges because those elements could be what’s attracting other players to vote for you.

Be Careful With Design Home Cheats!

Design Home Cheats

With all the talk about how to succeed at the Design Home game, you might want to know about the cheats that can help you.

It’s important to be careful when trying cheats from unsecured sites.

Many of them will require you to enter your player details and information, but this puts your privacy at great risk. Your device will also be susceptible to being infected with a virus. So, be very careful when finding Design Home cheats online, and be wary of sites that require you to click on links.

The truth is that many, if not all, of these so-called cheats, are scams and don’t work. If you find a Design Home hack online, be sure to research it very well to see what other people are saying about it on social media before you go ahead.

If you’re prompted to enter your Design Home details, don’t do it!

While cheats sound appealing in a game like Design Home because they can help you save money, they’re not the same as working on your designs and having fun. Design Home is, after all, a game where you can’t lose or run out of lives.

You can always improve your designing ability, so enjoy yourself.

Related Questions

Is the furniture in Design Home real?

The products you see in the game are real and you can buy them for your own real-life home!

How does the scoring work?

Every room you design is scored out of five and if you get a score above four you will be rewarded with a free piece of furniture to use in future room designs.


Design Home is an addictive interior design game that will keep you hooked for hours.

But it’s sometimes tricky to be able to produce the best designs, which is why we’ve outlined some of the most important hacks and tricks to make your gameplay so much more fun as well as to help you to make the most of your diamonds and cash.

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