You might want to connect more than one Bluetooth speaker to your phone so that listening to music becomes more enjoyable, such as when you want your friends to hear a track but you don’t want them to have to huddle around your phone.

But how do you do that, and does it depend on the Bluetooth version you have?

Well, Bluetooth 5.0 is enabling this to happen!

What, exactly, is Bluetooth 5.0?

This is a version of Bluetooth that has many benefits, one of which being that it allows you to connect more than one speaker to your phone. How it works is that it extends the Bluetooth connectivity range to 120 feet.

If you already have this version on your device, then it makes it much easier to go ahead and connect your speakers to your device without a hassle. But if not, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck.

Here’s what you need to know when connecting your phone to multiple speakers.

Can You Use An App To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To Your Phone?

These days, there’s an app for everything. You can even find apps that help you to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your phone.

An example is How this app works is that it connects multiple smartphones to each other, but you can also use it to connect Bluetooth speakers to your phone.

However, your smartphone will only be able to connect to one speaker so you’ll need other people to help you make multiple speakers work.

When your smartphones are connected via the app, then you can play music from a variety of sources, such as YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify, so it can help you find a way around connecting speakers to your device.

You can also use your smartphone to receive audio while you transmit it to each Bluetooth speaker.

This ensures that it can broadcast the sound around your home. You can download on Android and Apple phones, and its in-app purchases vary from about £0.52 to £69.00.

Another app to check out is Bose Connect, and it’s available on both Android and Apple phones at no cost. It works by connecting two SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakers to a single phone.

You can use it in what’s known as “party mode,” which is when the speakers play the same music, or “stereo mode” which is when each speaker delivers either the left or right channel.

It’s really easy to use – turn on the speakers and connect to one with Bluetooth. The only problem, of course, is that you’ll need Bose speakers to make use of this setup, so it’s not very versatile unless you want to spring for a pair.

Finally, consider the free Ultimate Ears’ Boom and Megaboom app. What’s great about it is that it has a special feature called “PartyUp” that can sync over 120 speakers!

You’ll also be able to enjoy extra features for your speakers, such as the ability to turn them on or off remotely.

The catch is that you have to have certain Boom and Megaboom speakers to be able to make use of this. The app, however, is free on both Apple and Android.

Other Ways To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To Your Phone

If you’re not interested in using an app, there are other ways in which you can connect your Bluetooth speakers to your phone, depending on the type of phone you have. Let’s look at how to connect speakers to your Android and iPhone devices.

For Android: Make Use Of Samsung’s Bluetooth Dual Audio


Earlier, we mentioned Bluetooth 5.0 and how it allows you to play audio on two different speakers, and this can work even if they’re in different rooms, which can make listening to music so much more enjoyable.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8, S+, or a newer phone model, you can make use of Bluetooth 5.0, thanks to the Dual Audio feature that’s present in the device. This works with Bluetooth headphones as well as speakers.

To start using it, connect two Bluetooth audio devices to your smartphone, enable the Dual Audio feature, and then you can start playing your favourite tracks.

Here are the actual steps you need to follow so that you can set it up on your device:

  • Go to “Settings,” and choose “Connections,” then select “Bluetooth.”
    In Android Pie, you’ll have to choose “Advanced.” Earlier Android versions will require you to choose the menu icon and then turn the “Dual Audio” toggle switch so it’s on.
  • Once you’ve done that, connect your phone to two speakers and two headphones (you can also use one of each) so that the audio will stream to them.
  • If you try to add a third one, then the first paired device will go off, so bear that in mind!

You might not achieve your goal of connecting speakers to your phone with Dual Audio if you don’t have a compatible device.

That said, since the feature is linked to Bluetooth 5.0, this will surely be available on other devices, so check what Bluetooth version you have.

It’s worth noting that it’s possible for Android phones to be able to connect to two devices at the same time, but how you do this will vary and you might face some restrictions.

For example, with the Google Pixel 4 smartphone, you can connect to two Bluetooth headsets but only enable output audio to one at a time. You’ll probably need to download an app like Bose Connect for that.

The problem, however, is that you will only be able to make use of Bose products in order to enjoy this feature, so there are drawbacks.

For iPhone: Make Use Of HomePod Stereo Pair


HomePod is sort of like an iPhone version of the Dual Audio feature. How it works is that it enables you to connect your Mac or iPhone to two Homepod speakers.

When you use it in the same room, you’ll be able to choose to use the speakers as a stereo pair. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Open the “Home” app on your phone and then choose “Settings.”
  • Click “Create stereo pair,” and choose a second HomePod.
  • Two HomePod icons will appear. Click one to map it to the correct channel (left and right).
  • Click “Back,” then “Done”.

As you can see from what we’ve covered so far, it’s not always easy to find a way to connect more than one Bluetooth speaker to your device. Usually, you’ll find yourself facing some limitations.

You might only be able to connect one speaker with the use of an app, or you’ll have to have a certain brand of speaker or model of phone in order to enjoy the experience of using multiple speakers simultaneously.

That said, there are ways in which you can increase the experience and enjoyment of sound, so it’s really about trying different methods to find the one that works the best for you and your device.

Related Questions

Bluetooth Questions

How can you find out what Bluetooth version you have on your phone?

On Android phones, turn on Bluetooth and select “phone settings,” then “app,” and “all.” Scroll to the Bluetooth icon called “Bluetooth Share.” Underneath the app info the Bluetooth version will be displayed.

On iPhone, go to “Settings,” then choose “General.” Pick “About” and then “Bluetooth.”

Is Bluetooth 5.0 worth it?

Bluetooth 5.0 really is worth having on your device. When compared to Bluetooth 4.2, it can transmit up to eight times more data, and it’s two times faster while also being able to transmit data across four times the range of the 4.2 version.


If you want to connect more than one Bluetooth speaker to your phone, now you know how to go about it.

In this article, we’ve answered your question of how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your phone, whether it’s an Android or Apple device. Unless you have specific phone features that enable you to achieve this, it seems like using an app is your best bet.

However, there is something to be said about buying a new set of speakers that are compatible with the app you wish to use so that you can enhance your music experience even more.


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