Fitting a toilet seat is a simple DIY job that requires very few tools and little brainpower.

This is good news because upgrading or even changing the colour of your loo seat can make a big improvement to your bathroom. From a fresh white toilet seat to a chic black one loo seats can overhaul your bathroom at little expense.

So how do you fit a toilet seat?


Firstly you’ll need to make sure you have the right size toilet seat. They come in different sizes so measure up your old seat before splashing out on new. You need to measure the widest parts.

Next up – remove your old toilet seat

This is done by locating the screws that fix the seat to the porcelain throne. They may be discreetly covered by plastic clips.

Flick the clip up with a flathead screwdriver and unscrew the bolts you find there.

If they twist without coming loose, look beneath for the tightening nuts. Grab them with a rag or pliers and hold tight.

Once they are unscrewed, pull the bolt out and take the toilet seat off.

You may be horrified at this point to discover detritus lurking in the bolt area. It happens to the cleanest people and is often just rust so don’t feel bad. Grab some bathroom cleaner and scrub it all down

Now unpack your new loo seat

Line up the holes with those in the pan

Thread washers onto the bolts so they lie between the porcelain and the bolt head

Push the bolts downwards

Add the nuts below and tighten them up

For extra security, you can hold the nut in place with your rag and give an extra half turn to the screw head.

Now replace the plastic caps if you have them and take a seat.

Does it wobble?

No – congratulations you’re done
Yes, give the screws another half turn

That’s all it takes to fit a toilet seat.

There’s nothing tricky with the lid because they come already attached. It’s just a simple job of tightening up the screws.

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