Some people complain that making chips in a halogen oven is a waste of time and money because it just doesn’t work.

But don’t be discouraged!

You can make delicious and beautiful chips in this type of oven, and there’s more than one way to achieve your goal.

But what, exactly, is a halogen oven? A halogen oven is an oven that uses a halogen light for heat and this is spread all over the oven with the use of a fan. A thermostat inside the oven controls the temperature, which flicks the halogen light on or off when required.

Not only do halogen ovens come in small sizes to make them excellent space savers in the kitchen, but they can cook food much faster than a regular oven.

With that in mind, let’s look at how you can cook potato chips in a halogen oven in different ways and depending on the type of potato you want to use.

How To Cook Potato Chips In A Halogen Oven Without Parboiling Them First

Man Cooking With Halogen Oven

This is a really easy way of cooking potato chips in a halogen oven because you don’t have to first parboil the potatoes, so it’s perfect on days when you want to make a quick and delicious dinner.

Now, you might be wondering how you’re going to get evenly cooked potatoes if they’re too hard – you definitely don’t want them to be raw on the inside. Don’t worry. By tweaking the oven’s temperature, you can achieve beautiful chips that are cooked all the way through.

Here’s what you should do to make delicious halogen oven chips.

  • Start by cutting your potatoes into even pieces and then cover them in olive oil. Take your time when cutting the chips so that they’re the same size. This will ensure that they will cook at the same rate.
  • Put the potato chips on the halogen oven’s rack.
  • You want to start cooking them at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit until they start to feel soft.
  • When that happens, increase the temperature of the oven to 329 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to cook the potatoes at this temperature until they become golden brown and soft.

Note: this method is not for you if you don’t want a lot of fat content in your potato chips because the oil will soak into the potatoes.

You could try placing them on a paper towel after cooking them to release some of the oil, or you could try the next method of cooking potatoes in your halogen oven.

How To Cook Potato Chips With Less Fat

Halogen Oven Chips With Less Fat

This way of cooking potato chips in a halogen oven will prevent fatty chips so they’re a healthier option, especially if you want to make potato chips regularly.

  • After cutting your potatoes into small and even pieces, you should coat them with a bit of oil, such as olive oil. Bear in mind if you want to use healthy oils such as avocado oil, these should still be used in moderation.
  • Put the chips in the oven so that they’re flat and there are some spaces between them.
  • Cook the chips for 14 minutes at 392 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If they are still not soft enough after this time, you should continue cooking them for a bit longer at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Don’t forget to flip them over and bake them for the same amount of time on both sides.

As you can see, the above method of cooking potato chips in a halogen oven starts with a higher temperature and then decreases it, whereas the previous method we outlined starts with a lower temp and increases it.

You might have to experiment with both to see which one delivers the best halogen oven chips.

How To Bake Parboiled Potato Chips In A Halogen Oven

Parboiled Potato

Maybe you’d rather play it safe and parboil your potato chips, especially if you’ve tried other methods of making chips in a halogen oven and you never get them soft in the way you want to. No worries, you can do this, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Here’s a cooking method that will work for you.

  • Start by washing your potatoes and cutting them into evenly-sized pieces.
  • Parboil the potatoes for about five minutes. They will only need this short amount of time to become a bit soft and what helps is that they’re small so they’ll boil faster.
  • While they’re boiling on the stove, prepare a pan with a bit of oil.
  • When the potatoes have finished boiling, you should drain them in a colander and place them in the pan.
  • It’s good to spread them across the pan. Spray or sprinkle some oil over them.
  • Then, place them in the halogen oven on its top rack.
  • Cook them for 10 minutes at 220 degrees Fahrenheit, but keep an eye on them in case they cook faster.
  • After 10 minutes, turn the chips over so that they can cook on the other side.
  • You might also want to spray or drizzle a bit of oil over them again, but be careful not to put too much.

How To Make Baked Sweet Potato Chips In A Halogen Oven

If you prefer making sweet potato chips for your family because it’s the healthier option, you’ll be pleased to know that you can cook them in your halogen oven. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Prepare the sweet potato chips in the same way that you would if you were cooking them in your regular oven. So, wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut them so that the chips are about half an inch thick.
  • Soak the potatoes in cold water for half an hour – this will help to remove their starch.
  • Then, drain them in a colander and dry them well with a kitchen towel.
  • Add some oil of your choice to the sweet potatoes and also season them with salt and pepper if you like.
  • While you’d usually bake sweet potato chips in a regular oven for 20 minutes at 392 degrees, you should bake them in a halogen oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • After 10 minutes, flip the chips around and bake them for another 10 minutes at the same temperature.

Extra Tips For Cooking Food In A Halogen Oven

  • Since halogen ovens have a top and bottom rack, it’s ideal to use the top rack for toasting, browning, and grilling food, and the bottom rack for defrosting, steaming, baking, and roasting food.
  • When setting the cooking temperature, turn the temperature dial clockwise.
  • If you remove the oven’s lid during the process of cooking, this will make the heater and fan stop. Replace the lid and put the handle in the down position again so that cooking can resume.

Are Halogen Oven Chips Healthier?

Medical Doctor

Since cooking potato chips in a halogen oven results in shorter cooking times than what you’d experience when frying them in a pan on the stove, this can make them a bit healthier.

Halogen ovens also contain an emitter that releases infrared radiation, so large amounts of energy are transferred in a shorter amount of time.

This can help to decrease the cooking time of foods, which can also reduce process contaminants that are present in food as a result of cooking them at high temperatures.

Generally, cooking chips in an oven is better than frying them. But ultimately, what ingredients you use to cook or bake the potatoes are what matter the most, such as when it comes to the type of oil you use and how much you use.

Then, you also have to consider what seasoning and extra flavours you’re adding to the chips, such as salt and mayonnaise, as too much of those can quickly make your homemade chips unhealthy.

Related Questions

Can you put frozen chips in a halogen oven?

You can cook store-bought frozen potato chips in your halogen oven. You’ll use the same temperature and cooking duration as what’s written on the frozen chip package.

Do you need to preheat your halogen oven?

What makes cooking with a halogen oven even easier and faster is that you don’t need to preheat it.


Potato chips are a delicious treat for dinner, but if you want to cook them in a halogen oven you might have some reservations.

Not anymore. After reading this article, you now know how to cook tasty potato chips in this type of oven quickly and effectively.


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