Toilets seats get a lot of wear. They’re lifted up, down, sat on, even stood on sometimes, so it’s no surprise they need replacing now and then.

But buying a new toilet seat can catch you out.

You’d think they’d be bog-standard but no, not all toilet seats are made equal.

The bowl may be rounded, elongated, or even sloped – and you can’t take a toilet seat back once the packaging is off for hygiene reasons.

It can be a stressful experience, so let’s get it right the first time.

You must measure your toilet seat – see! We have all the glamorous lifestyle tips right here.

How To Measure A Toilet Seat Correctly

Grab a tape measure, pen, and paper.

The sections that require a measurement are lengthways – that’s top to bottom and width ways – that’s side to side.

You also need a bolt hole measurement. This is centre hole to centre hole.

Bolts connect the seat to the porcelain throne and you may need to prise up small plastic coverings to find them.

You Need Three Measurements

So that’s three measurements in all before purchasing your new seat.

Make sure you measure the whole seat area not just the gap in the middle.

Some folks make this mistake and can’t find a loo seat at all. You need to measure all of the seating areas.

You’ll probably find your seat is about 14 inches wide and 16-17 inches long. If your toilet seat is 18-19 inches long it’ll be the elongated style.

You’ll see there’s not much difference in measurements, but if you try to fit an elongated seat on a round toilet it won’t fit – and that’s your cash straight down the pan.

Save Yourself The Hassle

Measuring your toilet seat takes the hassle out of buying and fitting a new loo perch. Measure and measure twice to hit the jackpot first time.

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