Is there anything more annoying than a missing plug?

It’s more common than you’d think despite the fact most are attached by a chain.

Students, renters and travellers have all faced the missing plug scenario – and there’s only so much time your sock will hold in the water.

Plugs also perish over time, ancient plugs crumble in your hands, and ones left in the sunlight tend to spilt and crack.

Is It Time For A New Plug?

How hard can it be to buy a plug you ask?

Well, it’s harder than you’d reckon. In the UK plugs come in three sizes:

  • Large
  • Small
  • Standard

It’s not very helpful is it? How do you know if your sink or bath is small, large or standard?

This is where your trusty tape measure saves the day.

You need to measure either the old exhausted plug that’s heading into retirement or in the case of a plug that’s MIA, the drain mesh.

The area you need to measure is the diameter of the drain mesh or the underside of your current plug.

Don’t measure the top of your plug as this can sometimes be wider than the base part – meaning your plug will be too large for the sink hole.

Standard sink plugs are usually 1 ¾ inch whereas bath plugs 1 ½, but this can vary and if you have an old sink like a Belfast the plug hole can range from one inch to two inches and more.

How About A Universal Plug?

If you’re struggling to measure the sink or plug accurately consider buying a universal plug. These are made up of four sections that you add or take away as necessary.

So hopefully that’s helped you with your sink plug crisis. Remember not all plugs are made equal and there are different sizes. Measure up first to get the right one for your sink.

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