Limescale is the sworn enemy of all household appliances that use water.

It’s calcium carbonate chalk that water brings into the home as it flows through soft rocks. It’s especially bad in hard water areas where it can wreck appliances and look horrible within a few weeks.

From kettles to irons, shower glass and toilet bowls, limescale loves to cling on causing a white powdery build-up and unhygienic conditions.

One of the worst places for limescale is your toilet bowl. It’s always underwater so limescale gets its claws into the porcelain throne and doesn’t give up without a fight.

And urgh – because everything you put in the loo (sorry if you’re eating) stains the limescale a yellow/brown colour or weirdly pink.

It’s got to go because it looks terrible and restricts the flow of water into the toilet. Over time that means your toilet won’t flush properly.

What Removes Limescale?

You need an acid to get rid of limescale. It’s available as a commercial cleaner or you can go au-naturel with white vinegar that naturally contains acetic acid. Acids soften limescale so it can be scrubbed away.

Removing Limescale From the Loo

Buy a one-litre bottle of white vinegar, not brown as that causes more staining, or a commercial cleaner and pour it into a clean toilet bowl remembering to get it on the sides all the way up to the seat.

  • Leave it there four hours or overnight
  • Scrub the toilet bowl, hard
  • Flush and look for limescale
  • Repeat until it’s all gone and super shiny

Heavily limescaled toilets take lots of applications to break down years of limescale abuse.

If it’s really bad you might have to use a commercial limescale remover several times as it’s stronger than white vinegar.

A good tip is to scrub the loo before you pour in vinegar so most of the water is pushed down the U bend. Undiluted super strength vinegar is better at dissolving limescale.

What About Coca Cola?

You may have read articles saying that coca-cola works on limescale. It doesn’t and it may cause even more staining to your toilet bowl.

Stick with vinegar or a specially bought commercial limescale remover. These are both very cheap liquids available in the supermarket.

Preventing Limescale Build-Up In The Toilet

For regular maintenance use your favourite limescale remover on the toilet bowl once a week.

This prevents limescale from building up there so it doesn’t have a chance to attract stains and horrified whispers from your friends.

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