When you plonk yourself down on a wobbly loo seat it feels like you’re going to fall into an abyss. It’s not what you need, especially in the early mornings and during the night.

The good news is that a wobbly toilet seat is an easy fix that doesn’t usually require a whole new perch.

Toilet seats slide because the fixings have worked loose. It’s a common DIY issue that happens because we use our loos so frequently.

The wobbly culprit will be either:

  • The screws which have worked loose
  • The washers which have compressed and failed

Here’s how to tighten the toilet seat properly if it’s worked loose.

Removing Your Current Seat

The back of your seat is connected to the porcelain toilet with two long steel bolt screws. They may be hidden behind small plastic covers. You can prise these up with a screwdriver to uncover the bolts.

If the bolts have indents use your screwdriver to tighten them. Remember that to tighten you turn clockwise (lefty loosey, righty tighty).

Argh! The Bolts Spin

This happens a lot. Here’s how to stop them from twisting around.

  • Grab some pliers and look beneath the bolts. You’ll spot a nut holding them in place
  • Grab the nut with your pliers
  • Tighten the bolt with your screwdriver from above.
  • Be careful if the bolts are plastic as they may snap under too much force.
  • If your bolts snap, or they are rusting, you can buy replacement ones very cheaply online or at a hardware store.

If you find it easier, tighten the loo seat with the nut instead while holding the bolt still from above.

It’s Stuck Fast

Apply some WD40 and leave it to soak for 5 minutes if the nut won’t budge.

If they just won’t budge use a hacksaw to cut off the nut and buy new. Sawing through metal creates friction heat so be careful when you pick up the pieces.

Add Some Washers

Another way to tighten the loo seat is by adding washers. Washers are flat circles that fill up minute spaces and they make a huge difference to many DIY projects requiring screws or bolts.

Once you’ve removed the bolts slip a washer between the porcelain and the bolt then tighten as above.

Fitting a New Toilet Seat So It Doesn’t Wobble

Once you’ve bought the correct loo seat (measure before you go to the DIY store) unpack it and lay out the bolts and washers.

  • Put the loo seat onto the porcelain lining up the holes
  • Add washers to the bolts
  • Push the bolts through the holes heading downwards
  • Put the nuts on beneath and tighten
  • Once the whole loo seat is fixed in place, take a seat
  • If it wobbles, try another half turn.

You may find over the coming week or so that the seat works a bit loose. Just tighten it up so the fixings lie neatly in place.

Now you’re sitting pretty.

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