Oh no, the shower tray is filling up – what do you do?

Shower trays fill up when something blocks the drain below. It’s a common problem when long hair balls up and soap residues stick to it.

This seemingly harmless combination can cause a blockage that floods your bathroom, so it’s important to unclog the shower drain asap. It won’t do it by itself!

Here’s how you can unclog the shower drain and enjoy your shower in peace…

1. Getting Into Hot Water

Boil the kettle and pour boiling water straight down the plughole. This can be enough to melt the residue and untangle the hair.

If this works thank your lucky stars and make sure you pull all hair free from the plughole from now on.

2. Take The Plunge

Plungers are an important part of your DIY kit. They unblock toilets, kitchen sinks, and your shower drain.

If you can remove the grid do so but if not don’t worry. Just place the plunger over the drain, fill the tray with water so it’s submerged, then push down and pull up sharply.

Do this lots of times and the blockage may clear.

3. Make A Potion

Combining white vinegar and baking soda creates a fizzing chemical reaction that can break down soft blockages.

Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain followed by two cups of white vinegar. Hear the hiss! Wait a few hours and then pour boiling water down.

4. Take Off The Cover

Sometimes you can get straight to the blockage. Remove the drain cover by prising it up with a screwdriver, put on some rubber gloves, and if you can spot the offending ball, grab and pull it free.

You may need to use a torch. Don’t use your phone in case you drop it in water.

5. Bring Out The Snake

You may have seen adverts for a tool that you push down the plug hole and pull up with lots of hair and nasties attached. This is called a plumber’s snake.

They are brilliant items and you may want to get one even if you don’t have a blockage as they are good at preventing them.

6. Commercial Drain Cleaners

Supermarkets sell super-strength drain cleaners that eat into soft blockages like a buffet. The chemicals used are harsher than white vinegar and the next option if your potion hasn’t worked.

Wear gloves and open all the windows before using it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never mix chemicals with anything else as they can create a gas that burns your throat and eyes.

Leave the chemicals to work their magic overnight. Wash the drain clear with the shower head before you get in and potentially burn your toes.

Time To Call A Plumber?

If these options, or a combination of all six, don’t work then the blockage is going to be pretty serious.

You’ll need to call a plumber to take the pipes apart and find out what’s happened.

Yes, that can be expensive but it’s certainly less expensive than a replacement bathroom floor and kitchen ceiling.

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