Today there are a variety of smart devices all around us, from our smartphones to smart TVs.

You might not realise that there are also smart toasters to enjoy.

What is a smart toaster?

This is basically a toaster that contains tech features, such as a touchscreen or Bluetooth compatibility, so that you can achieve more with it.

Chances are, you’re rolling your eyes.

With all the hype about smart devices in the home, do you really need to have a smart toaster?

Or perhaps you’re excited about the idea of smart toasters and are already tempted to buy one!

Whatever the case, let’s see what this trendy kitchen appliance is all about.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Toasters?

Smart Toaster Benefits

Smart toasters can help you make more delicious toast every morning and prevent your toast from burning.

Let’s see how these appliances can achieve that, and what else they can do for you.

  • These toasters usually come with LCD screens on which you can see the time remaining for your toast to get made.
    This makes it easier than ever to ensure that you toast your bread for the correct amount of time so it comes out the way you want it.
  • The screen will often provide you with other important functions, such as allowing you to choose the browning level so that you don’t get toast which is too pale or burned, and the toasting function.
    These usually include functions like bagel toasting, defrosting, reheating, and cancelling the toast-making process.
  • You can find some smart toasters that have full colour displays. While that might seem like an unnecessary feature, it enables you to boost the appearance of your countertop while making it easy and fun to use the appliance.
    The whole family will find it so much easier to make toast, even small children.
  • Some touchscreen toasters are powered by Bluetooth, taking their smart trait to a whole other level. This enables you to connect the toaster to an app that you can access on your smart device.
    Why you’d need to do that is to be able to customise your toast-making settings and count down the time it takes for your toast to be made. This can be a lifesaver in a busy kitchen!

Best Types Of Smart Toasters On The Market

The sad news about smart toasters is that you can’t find that many on the market as yet.

So, in this section we’ve featured two popular smart toasters that you should know about.

Revolution Cooking R180 Smart Toaster

This R180 smart toaster has a touchscreen that shows you what your bread, waffle, pastry, or bagel will look like when it’s done, so you can be 100-percent sure that you’ve chosen the right setting.


  • This smart toaster contains coils in its design that evenly toast a variety of foods.
  • It offers seven levels of browning for your bread and other goods you wish to toast.
  • You can choose to toast fresh or frozen bread, or opt for the reheat option. Whatever you choose, the toaster will automatically adjust the timing it needs to toast your food, so you don’t have to fiddle with toaster knobs.
  • You simply press “start” on the toaster’s touchscreen and the bays will lower your toast.
  • The toaster has a countdown timer so you can be sure of exactly when your toast will be done. No more guessing!
  • It not only has a removable crumb tray so you can keep your toaster in good condition, but this smart toaster gives you notifications when you should clean it out!


  • It’s got two, instead of four, bays. These aren’t that wide so you might find you have to push certain foods, such as bagel slices, down in order to ensure that they get toasted evenly.
  • If you’re into tech and want to control this toaster with your smartphone or Alexa, you will be disappointed because it doesn’t offer these features. Instead, everything you want to do with this toaster will have to be done from the touchscreen.
  • It costs approximately £215, so it’s quite expensive for a toaster.

Sage Smart Toaster

Sage Smart Toaster

This is another smart toaster, but it works a little differently from the Revolution Cooking toaster.


  • This toaster has an LED indicator to let you know how your toast is progressing.
  • It’s got a “quick look” feature so you can check your toast. This raises your toast quickly so you can get a sneak peek of how it’s doing without stopping the toasting process.
  • It comes with a nifty audio alert so you’ll know when your toast is ready.
  • This smart toaster can toast four slices of bread at once, and filling the toaster is easier than ever. Place your bread, bagel, crumpet, or muffin into one of the wide slots and press “toast.” The toaster will lower itself so you don’t have to push a lever.
  • When the toast is done, it will automatically be raised so you can take it quickly.
  • The toaster has settings specifically for frozen bread and crumpets to ensure that they heat up evenly.
  • If you wish to store the toaster in your kitchen cabinet or cupboard, instead of on the countertop, its cable will be neatly stored underneath the appliance so you don’t end up with a tangled mess.
  • This smart toaster is a bit more affordable than the Revolution model. It costs £169.99.


  • Some people who have purchased this smart toaster have reported difficulty when toasting sliced bread from the supermarket. Large slices tend to leave a bit of bread outside the toaster slot, which makes it difficult to put in.
  • The external casing of the toaster can reach very high temperatures, so you have to be careful not to burn your hands.

Do You Really Need A Smart Toaster?

Smart Toaster Watch

After exploring the benefits of a smart toaster and some great smart toasters that are on the market, you might be a believer in this clever type of appliance.

But do you really need it in your humble kitchen?

Here are situations in which you should consider purchasing a smart toaster.

  • You’re sick and tired of making burnt toast every day.
  • You’re busy in the mornings and think that having a smart toaster will enable you to save time, such as because you don’t have to sit and watch the toaster or check that it’s toasting your bread correctly. You can do other things, thanks to the smart toaster’s countdown timer.
  • You want a toaster that will enable you to do more than just toast bread. Many smart toasters will be able to toast a variety of foods, such as bagels, pastries, pop tarts, and more. You can also choose to reheat, defrost, or toast your food, which makes them versatile.
  • You can connect some smart toasters to your smartphone and control them with an app. Or, you can connect them to other smart devices in the home.
  • Since smart toasters don’t make use of levers and knobs in their design, this makes them easier to use and can prolong their life spans. Think of how frustrating it is when the toaster lever suddenly refuses to work!

On the other hand, here are reasons to choose not to buy a smart toaster:

  • You think the smart toaster is unnecessary, especially if your current toaster has been toasting your bread just fine and you’ve managed to use its knobs to get the perfect toast even on busy mornings.
  • If you don’t have a lot of money to burn on a smart toaster, then it’s not worth it. These appliances can be quite expensive and you might not be able to justify their cost.

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Are there smart toaster ovens that work with Alexa?

You can find smart toaster ovens that are Alexa-compatible.

An example is Amazon’s Alexa Smart Oven, which you can use as a convection oven, warmer, and air fryer.

Are smart kitchen appliances worth it?

These modern appliances can help you save energy and money, while also saving you time!

If those things matter to you, then they’re definitely worth it.


While a toaster might seem like a humble appliance, technology is changing that by making toasters smarter than they used to be.

In this article, we’ve looked at smart toasters and what they are, as well as their pros and cons.

We’ve also provided you with two popular smart toaster brands to help you see what these clever appliances have to offer and if you should purchase one for your kitchen.

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