Mirrors are an essential item to have in the home.

This is not just because of how you’ll be able to check your appearance in them before you rush out of the home in the mornings, but also because they can serve many interior design purposes.

For example, mirrors with decorative frames can become statement pieces.

Do mirrors make your home look bigger?

Mirrors can certainly make your home appear larger and this is because of how they reflect the light and the decor in a room while adding depth.

That’s said, it’s not enough to place mirrors in various areas of the home and expect them to work their magic. You need to know the best ways to position them.

Here are some tips.

How To Make Your Home Look Bigger With Wall Mirrors

6 Wall Mirrors

Give your small space a bit of a design makeover with mirrors.

Here’s how.

Replace Your Windows With Mirrors

If you don’t have windows in a specific room in your home, you can use mirrors as their replacement to make the space larger and more inviting. Just make sure the mirror you want to install in a windowless room is large so that it will bring more dimension to it.

It will achieve this by breaking up the wall space in the room. Or, opt for smaller windows along a wall to let the light bounce off them.

Make Mirrors Reflect Something Beautiful

Mirroring Art

You don’t want your mirrors to reflect the boring, bland wall back at you!

By making them reflect beautiful things in the home, such as a piece of art, will make the windows create more atmosphere while making your living space appear larger.

If you’re placing a mirror at the end of a hallway in the home, make it as large as possible as this will provide the effect of continuity, and in this spot of the house, you don’t have to worry too much about what the mirror is reflecting.

Place A Large Mirror In The Bathroom

If your bathroom is really small, a mirror can come to the rescue to make it look larger. It’s all in the way you position it. A good tip is to place a mirror behind the bathroom sink and make it go from the floor to the countertop.

This will make the bathroom appear to be light and large. You can also put a mirror behind a freestanding bathtub, and that will work even if your bathroom is large. Who doesn’t like a bathroom to feel elegant and light?

Don’t Neglect The Kitchen

A mirror in the kitchen? It might sound like an unusual idea, but it can work wonders. Place a mirror behind the kitchen sink if you don’t have a window there, or consider backsplash mirrors to make the room appear wider without the mirror being ostentatious.

Use Mirrored Furniture For Extra Effect

Mirrored pieces of furniture, like nightstands, are a smart way to bring more mirrored space into your home without having to try to find the best places for extra mirrors.

If you don’t want to replace your current pieces of furniture, consider placing a mirror on the closet or behind a door. These are quick and easy ways to sneak in some mirrored surfaces. Having mirrors on tabletops can also work well to create a larger space.

Find Places For Tall Mirrors

While wide mirrors can work well to enlarge a space, what’s great about tall mirrors is that they make your eye want to look upwards, and that gives the illusion of a bigger home and higher ceilings.

Reflect More Light

While it might be tempting to install lots of mirrors in your home, too much of a good thing can quickly turn sour. If you want mirrors to reflect more light in the home, place them opposite a window so that they’ll make space look lighter and larger.

You can also hang a mirror behind a chandelier. This will have the extra effect of turning that light into a statement piece. Best of all, by using mirrors to reflect the light, whether, from the sun’s rays or light fixtures, you create a more natural effect.

Replace Your Headboard With Mirrors

Headboard Mirror

If you want a more creative headboard, and want to increase the space of your bedroom, consider installing mirrors instead of a headboard.

One large mirror is a good idea, but if you don’t have one handy and you can’t purchase one because you’re on a tight budget, you can still create the same effect with smaller mirrors.

Extra Tips For Using Mirrors To Enlarge A Living Space

  • Match the mirror frame to your decor for a seamless design. If you have a rustic dining room set behind which you’ve placed a large mirror, make sure its frame complements that design so that it won’t look out of place.
  • Sometimes it’s worth going smaller. While large mirrors might seem like the perfect way to make your home seem bigger, sometimes having too-large mirrors in a room that’s got a lot of decor in it can be dizzying. Opt for mirror strips across a wall instead of covering it all up with a mirror. This will still work to enlarge the room, but it won’t make you feel overwhelmed with how it’s reflecting every part of it.
  • Place the mirror at the right height. If you’re not sure where to place a mirror on the wall, consider this tip: make sure that there’s a distance of about 60 inches from the floor to the mirror’s center. This is the same rule you should use for artwork, by the way, and by keeping mirrors and artwork at the same height helps to create balance in a space, which in turn will make it seem larger.
  • Don’t forget to use mirrors outside! While you might think you should only use mirrors inside your home, placing a large mirror on a small balcony or patio can work wonders to enlarge the space. Another way to use mirrors in the garden is to prop one against a tree – this is perfect if your garden is small and could do with a bit of an upgrade. When placing mirrors outside, it’s important to bear in mind that you should ensure the mirror has a strong frame that won’t get damaged easily.
  • Be careful of heat sources. If you’re placing mirror tiles in the kitchen, make sure you avoid doing so too close to a heat source as this will make the tiles warp in response to the changes in temperature that they’re getting battered with on a daily basis.
  • Keep mirrored surfaces clean! If you have mirrored tables or furniture in the room, bear in mind that they can quickly look dirty, such as with the accumulation of dust or fingerprints. You’re going to have to ensure that you wipe them down regularly so that they look glamorous, and perhaps avoid putting them in rooms that the children frequent as that will just make keeping them clean an even more difficult task.

Related Questions

Large Mirror In Small Bedroom

When grouping mirrors, do they have to look the same?

If you don’t have large mirrors for the home, consider grouping together smaller mirrors on a wall.

A good way to create balance is to paint their frames in the same colour, but you don’t have to make all the mirrors the same shape or size. A bit of creativity can be eye-catching!

What colours make a room look bigger?

You don’t have to stick to pastel colours to get a living space that looks bigger. Choose your favorite colours but the trick is to opt for lighter tones of them as this will help to have an enlarging effect.

How can you make a narrow staircase look wider with mirrors?

Put a mirror on the opposite wall of your staircase. That’s all you need to do to make the narrow staircase look wider and a short staircase appear longer.


Mirrors can work wonders in a home. In this article, we’ve looked specifically at how mirrors can bring more light into your living space and make it appear larger.

Even in bigger homes that already get a lot of light, mirrors add elegance and beauty to a space, and a statement mirror is usually enough in a minimalist design to add decorative style.


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